October Newsletter: Talk is Cheap!

Our 2018 theme is: “Power of One”. On the second Sunday of each month, we publish a newsletter to encourage our readers to look inside and discover their power. Here’s why…how many times have you said you wanted to do something and then talked yourself out of it? Does your commitment to helping those in need depend on your mood for the day? Does it hinge on the opinions of those around you? Do your actions align with your desire to make a change, to be a part of the change we need.

Are you willing to step out of your own way to help another person? Are you willing to let go of fear and comfort to create change? If you are, tell your hurt, fear, and excuses to step aside, set your sights on the door you choose…now go through it and don’t look back! Don’t just talk about it…be a demonstration! Take a moment to read our October newsletter and be inspired to get up and make a difference.

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