2017 Theme: Better Together

Our lives are filled with family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. We are surrounded by people, yet we tend to live our lives relatively autonomous. We try to find comfort where and with who we are familiar. Stepping outside of what we know tends to come with a wide array of emotions we do not generally wish to face. We must learn to take a deep breath, strengthen our resolve, and step outside of our cultural and social boxes.

Rays of Light Philanthropic (RLP) supports children, youth, and teens that are dejected, impoverished, and homeless. With the help of our communities standing together as a united front, we can change the trajectory of their lives. Left alone, these young people do not have the resources or the tools to create the change needed to break beyond the barriers set before them. We want to create a diverse supportive community to help them cultivate the hope, tenacity, and love needed to set, reach, and maintain their goals.

RLP wants to inspire people to come together, to work together, and to love together. Individually we have strengths, gifts, and talents that help us move through our lives. If we can each bring our attributes to the table, together we can initiate the change needed to motivate our youth to look beyond their current circumstances. Division is what keeps us from realizing the purpose we were placed on this journey to fulfill. Division will hinder us from expanding our knowledge and understanding of the world around us and the people that cross our paths every day. There is wisdom to be found in opening our hearts to the people within our community; our world. We must strive to come together and eradicate divisiveness…there’s no community without unity!

We must break down our walls and stand strong with each other and not against each other. What gift do you have that can be a tool for someone who is struggling? What talents do you possess that were meant to help heal someone’s heart? What strengths do you have that you can pass on to a young person in your community? Step outside of your comfort zone and reach out to someone today. We are better together! We are stronger together and better equipped to support our communities…TOGETHER!

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