Message from the Rays:

Thank you for visiting Rays of Light Philanthropic (RLP). We are an organization committed to inciting a collective effort in creating awareness around the pervasive issue of foster care. Our desire is to nurture the spirit of servant-hood by enlisting our communities to help us serve the underserved.


Since 2008, RLP has dedicated the second weekend in December to host the CHRISTmas “Be a Blessing” Gala. It’s an annual and charitable event with the aim of supporting children in foster care and other underprivileged children. While we enjoy a beautiful evening filled with entertainment, food and activities; our primary goal is to create awareness around this rapidly growing issue and educate the community on ways they can get involved.


The focus of this event is to encourage and empower as many that will to make an imprint on the lives of our children (our future). Our tenet is, “No one person can do everything, but we all can do something!” If we can be motivated to move cooperatively, we make a difference in many lives by simply fulfilling CHRISTmas wishes with the intent to “Be a Blessing”!


To learn more about our primary benefactor, Inner Circle Foster Care and Adoption Services, please visit their site:


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate your interest!


Chris & Elaine Ray

Founders – Rays of Light Philanthropic (RLP)

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